Bambooriginal®  sheets

Do you have skin allergies or very sensitive skin, then, this  Bambooriginal® site offers the right solution. Order our anti-bacterial sheets in our online store!

Bambooriginal® supply

Queen sheet set Satin Bamboo*

King sheet set Satin Bamboo*

mattress until max 150 cm wide mattress untill max 180 cm wide
1 fitted sheet 153 x 203 cm 1 fitted sheet 183 x 203 cm
(23 cm high) (23 cm high)
1 flat sheet 255 x 270 cm 1 flat sheet 285 x 270 cm
2 pillowcases 52 x 70 cm 2 pillowcases 52 x 70 cm
*Colors indicative:



Warm yet fresh‚ that’s what Bambooriginal® is!

Your life becomes so much easier, so much more luxurious and carefree with Bambooriginal ®

Do you have skin allergies or a very sensitive skin?
Is your sleep, or your partners sleep, disturbed by night-sweats or being cold?
Are you unhappy with your rough, stiff, pilling sheets?
Are you worried of being infected by the foot-fungus or skin-condition of your partner?
Are you scared that your skin irritations will be transmitted to your little rascal when he crawls into your bed?

Did you know?

Skin conditions are often transmitted from one person to another by moist cotton towels and / or sheets, even though they are often washed.

So not only for the musty smell, but also for hygiene it is always a good idea to invest in good quality !!!

Pleasant for yourself and others!

Bambooriginal® Satin-bamboo bed-sheets: pure pampering!

It makes your life much more comfortable and it boosts your confidence …

Cool by night sweats and still warm in winter!

Satiny, antibacterial luxury!


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