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Exchange is possible within the first 7 days after purchase, when the socks are in the original packing with the original labels still attached, and have not been worn, washed or damaged. This protects you and us. Be aware! Many companies that offer long exchange periods attempt to resell the items even if they have been worn or washed! We guarantee that all our products are delivered in new condition.Accordion Sample Description
All our products are delivered with care instructions. No extreme handling is needed.
No, because panda’s eat only about 30 types of the many thousands sorts of bamboo and our products use one or more of the remaining types, selected for their traits and cultivated for this specific use, NOT forested from the free nature.
Yes, our Bambooriginal®-fibers are harvested from ecologically cultivated bamboo types with specific properties such as elevated ‘Bamboo-kun’ values. Cultivation and production is done without the use of harsh chemicals or ground pollutants, and without land degradation.
You will experience that our Bambooriginal® socks can be worn much longer than ‘normal’ without becoming ‘smelly’ because the Bambooriginal®-fiber gives no chance to bacterias. We know from feedback from our customers (and our own experience!) that the length of wearing time can easily be 4 times longer than other socks (some people report 8,9 of 10 times longer!). This saves you time and money (less often ‘wash day’, less electricity, detergent, softener, and water used) and is less taxing on the environment (again less water, detergent, softener, electricity and possible gasoline/diesel used)
Think again about all the advantage we have shown you on this website and consider this: when bacteria don’t multiply (and stink) in the socks, then your shoes will also remain fresh and last much longer!
Good quality is always a better investment! Because of our extremly high quality requirements our socks will ‘serve’ you for a much longer time than inferior ones. Compare the percentage of bamboo in our socks (64 to 66%) with others (often from only 10 to 40%). . In the long run you save: much longer lifespam of the socks less time spent washing/drying/sorting less money spent on washing products, electricity, water, wear and tear on your machines longer lifespam of your shoes health benefits can avoid the high costs of medicines, medical help, limitations because of health problems save the risk of embarrassment (smelly feed/socks/shoes, fungus, mold, ‘trench foot’)


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