Bambooriginal® socks

Do you have sweaty feet? Blisters, cracked/split skin or circulation problems in your feet? If so, then you are at the best site for helps, and you can order your anti-bacterial socks in our online store!

Lasting feeling of luxury, comfort and (self-)confidence!

SLIPPERS: Wear your socks as slippers, without worrying about foot- smell or problems. You won’t have any more reason to keep your shoes on just because your feet ‘smell’.
SUPER COMFORTABLE : Lasting softness, luxury feeling, and effectiveness, even after many, many washings, even without softener.
ANTI-ALLERGIC : uses only natural non- toxic fibers and coloring-agents.

WASH LESS OFTEN: Bambooriginal® SOCKS will not stink so you can wash them when it is convenient.

LONGER LASTING: High quality and super-strong fibers plus washing less often = less wear-and-tear and thus longer life.

AIR CURL: Extra-soft fiber-curls are built into the sole, or the complete sock. These function as ‘air pockets’ to protect the bottom of your feet, your heel, ankle and leg.

HEALING: Bambooriginal®‘s typical high KUN-value greatly helps your skin to heal.

 Bambooriginal®  socks come in different sizes and colors, depending on the type ..

*From 3 pairs you get a 3 € discount !

*Buy 12 pairs, 13th pair for free !


Do you have problems with sweaty feet? Foot blisters? Dry cracked skin? Mold? Circulation problems in your feet? 

-Do these problems make you unsure of yourself? Frustrated? Unhappy? Ashamed? Do they attack your self-confidence?

-Have these problems already cost you a pile of money for sprays? Powders? Salts?

-Unsuccessful treatments? Prematurely used-up socks? Decomposed shoes?

-Did you think these are inherited problems, or are you the only one in your family to suffer this?

-Maybe you are feeling ‘dirty/soiled’ from yourself? Or from your socks or shoes?

 -And are you convinced that these problems can’t be solved?

Bambooriginal stinkende sokken probleem

Some helpful tips:

– Wear sandals more often?

 – Walk barefoot in the morning dew

–  Treat the calluses on your feet?

92% highest quality bamboo fiber.


Warm in the winter, cool in the summer. No more ‘too hot’ or ‘too cold’ feet!


The fluid is transported away from the source. Your feet feel dry while your socks are drying on the outside. Meanwhile the antibacterial natural KUN is spread further into your shoes to make and keep them bacteria-free.


No more need to use extra products against smell, cracks or blisters. 


Bambooriginal® DOES NOT use insecticides. Our bamboo type grow super-fast, do not deplete the ground, and are not the type of bamboo that pandas eat. 

The Bambooriginal® production process has a very low ecological footprint.

Did you know?

Did you know that there are about a half-million sweat glands in your feet and various millions spread over your whole body?

Feet produce about a 1/4 liter sweat per day (a drinking glass full) and your body between one and seven liters depending on your activities.

Even if unpleasant smelling feet are not per definition your problem, it is always a good idea to ‘invest’ in good quality products!!

And you can help others thereby too!

Bambooriginal® is the solution for you!

It will make your life much more comfortable and the results will boost your self-confidence!

–  Never again be ashamed to take your shoes off.

– No more remarks, complaints or jokes from family or friends about your ‘stinky feet’.

– Stop searching for a place where you can leave your shoes and socks where they won’t stink up the whole house.

– End the need to put your shoes or socks out in the corridor (at home or on vacation) because no one can stand to have the stench in the room.

  Never again avoid places or people because of lack-of-confidence.


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